“Human Driven Reshape” Competition Rulebook

The competition organiser is MANPOWER DOO BEOGRAD, 11g Bulevar Milutina Milankovića Street, 7th floor, 11070 New Belgrade, Company Number: 20409550, Tax Identification Number: 105543818 (hereinafter: “Organiser”).

Name of the competition is “Human Driven Reshape” (hereinafter: Competition). The Competition is organised for the purpose of selecting the best HR business practice and promotion of the Competition’s participants as well as the Organiser.

The competition is open for:

Legal entities and other forms of organising which are registered at the territory of the Republic of Serbia. All the organisational forms have the opportunity to apply (limited liability companies, entrepreneurs etc.).
HR business practices with the appropriate organisational forms which satisfy the competition criteria.

The competition is opened for application and participation from March 14, 2022, starting from 00:01 until May 13, 2022, at 23:59. All those applicants who are not shortlisted shall be informed via electronic mail.

In order to participate in the competition, it is necessary to download a blank Application Form, which can be found at the website of Human Driven Reshape project (in Word) in the section “Nominate a practice”, or HERE.

It is necessary to fill out the following:

Data on the company and petitioner (name of the company, company’s size, activity, director (representative), company number, Tax Identification Number, number of employees, company address, phone, e-mail, website (if there is one), name and surname, phone and e-mail of the petitioner (applicant).
Application form.
After the data about company, petitioner and Application form have been filled out, it is necessary to upload a filled out Application form in the section “Add a filled out document”. After that, it is necessary to accept the Privacy policy, Cookies policy, Notification on Personal Data Processing, Personal Data Processing Consent and the Rules of Competition. By clicking the button “Send”, your application shall be submitted.

All the participants in the Competition are responsible for the costs and expenses arising from their participation therein.

First stage

Once the Competition is closed, the Organiser shall review the applications submitted for the Competition within a period defined by the rules. Within the first stage, according to the selection of professional jury (maximally 20 (50%) points, according to the defined criteria) and the results of questionnaire (maximally 20 (50%) points), 5 (five) business practices which have satisfied the Competition criteria in the best way shall be selected for the second stage of contest. Organiser may appoint and dismiss at its own discretion the members of a professional jury.

Second stage

During the second stage, a detailed presentation of nominated business practices shall be organised, in front of a professional jury, for 5 business practices which have passed the first stage, for the purpose of additional explanation regarding the criteria. Decision on the first five places shall be made based on the jury votes (maximally 20 points) and votes of the audience via LinkedIn social network (maximally 5 points). Namely, all the 5 business practices shall be presented at the official LinkedIn page of the ManpowerGroup Srbija company. To each of them shall be awarded a certain number of points (1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 points) proportionally to the number of „likes“- at the LinkedIn, in the following way: 5 points for a business practice whose presentation gets the most „likes“, whereas 1 point shall be awarded to a program whose presentation gets the least number of „likes“. A maximal number of „likes“ to be taken into account by the employees of a company whose business practice is nominated shall be 20, in order to prevent a direct influence of the number of employees from the companies which entered the second stage on points received through the number of „likes“ on LinkedIn. „Likes“ from the employees of ManpowerGroup SEE and partner company Assert International shall not be taken into account.

The winner, as well as those who won the second, third, fourth and fifth place shall be selected by summing up the votes (points) of the professional jury and the number of points gained based on „likes“ at the LinkedIn.

Professional jury is entitled to choose one winner of the Competition. The winner may win the award only once. The winner of the award shall be contacted by the Organiser.

The main award shall be presented to the winner of the competition, as well as the awards for second, third, fourth and fifth place.

The winner of the Competition (first place) shall receive a one-day training for ten employees in its company, evaluation of the employee dedication and expectations for hundred employees, promotion through the external communication channels of the ManpowerGroup Srbija company, as well as the promotion through media (with the winner’s consent).

Evaluation of the employee dedication and expectations implies the Harrison Assessment of employee dedication and motivation on the level of chosen team or the entire company (up to 100 employees). This type of assessment enables a company to recognise the key factors and risks when it comes to employee motivation and timely makes the HR decisions based on data. After the assessment, and based on the reports, the company gains an insight into the key employee motivators and the level to which those are satisfied, as well as an insight into the contributions of group of employees by which the results might be attained. Based on the aforementioned, it is possible to manage the employee expectations, consequently by their productivity and efficiency.

For the participants who won the first five places, an analysis of business trends shall be created for each of the industries to which this five companies belong to, as well as the promotion through the external communication channels of the ManpowerGroup Srbija company. This analysis shall provide the information related to the following:

• positioning the companies in relation to the market where they are operating on;
• guidelines for lowering the fluctuation rate and increasing the retention rate;
• systematic review of salaries and other compensations and benefits;
• support in making decisions related to the sustainable competition of companies on the market.

For the winners of first five places a dinner shall be organised.

Winners shall be contacted by the Organiser in relation to the awards presentation.

In case some of the winners refuse to take over the awards, it shall be presented to the next ranked participant. The award is not transferable and upon winning thereof it cannot be donated to some other legal entity or a natural person.

Participants are not entitled to request a different award or the award in larger quantities from those mentioned in these Rules. Award cannot be replaced for other products and services.
Once the award is presented, all the obligations of Organiser towards the winner and the holders of second, third, fourth and fifth place shall cease to exist.
Participants in the Competition accept, without exception, that Organiser may use the data provided through the Competition for the needs of marketing and promotional activities without any fee paid to the Participants.
Organiser shall not be deemed responsible, in any way and under no circumstances, for delay, changes, obstructions, interruptions, diversions or replacements, unavailability of the award due to state holidays or some other circumstances which may affect the availability or use of the award.
Organiser shall not bear any responsibility in case the non-performance of obligations arises due to the reason of force majeure, nor of the award presentation was not possible, because the data provided by the Participant were inaccurate.

In no case shall the Organiser or any third party, or a subject involved in provision of the hosting services, creation, design or distribution of a webpage be considered responsible for any direct, indirect, accidental, special or consequential damage which might occur due to participation or the inability to participate in the Competition.

In Belgrade, on March 1, 2022.