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Internet should represent a safe place for you, therefore we ask you to take a little time and get to know with the Privacy Policy at the website. In the text below you can find out what personal data of yours is being collected, as well as for what purposes it is being used. It is important for us that you know the following:

Personal data includes name and surname, addresses, ID numbers, IP addresses, phone numbers and similar, i.e. all the data that could precisely identify a person; protects your data from an unauthorised access, use, destruction or modification, and it does not share, transfer or sell thereof to the third parties. We create and maintain a safe ambient for the users of our website;
Data not considered as personal includes technical data that a user leaves while interacting with the website (it can include the information about the provider, device, operating system, browser from which a user accesses our website etc.).

Consent to and acceptance of Privacy Policy

Using the content on the website means that you are familiar with our Privacy Policy and that you accept thereof. According to the positive regulations, if you do not agree with the Privacy Policy on, please do not use the content of our website.

Considering the possibility that Privacy Policy shall be updated from time to time (e.g. for the purpose of adjustment with the regulations), and in case that you continue using the content of website, it shall be construed that you agree with such modifications as well. We think it is good to check from time to time whether there were some modifications thereto. Anyway, shall inform you in case of every important change of Privacy Policy.

Collecting the data about you:

Your data is being collected as follows:

Google Analytics serves us to establish what topics and articles are followed the most, in order to offer the readers with even more quality content. Data about the number of visitors, time they spend using the website content and their location is available to us. No personal data regarding the website visitors is shown to us. Please, read more about the Privacy Policy of Google Analytics at
Facebook Pixel is a tool that we use on our Facebook profile in order to optimise the experience of Facebook users who visit, by means of a more precise website activity measuring and analysing. Users’ personal data do not appear. Facebook uses its own Privacy Policy therefore we invite you to get to know it in more detail at
Using the content of website – by means of „cookies“.
More about the Cookies Policy

„Cookies“ are not a new thing, they track you from the day one of using your Internet browser. They are currently trending due to application of new regulations which stipulate that the use of “cookies” requires an explicit consent by the visitor. Cookies Policy applied by the website must request the visitor’s explicit consent to use thereof. That way, while opening the requested page, a cookie notification shall appear which you can either accept it or not. If you continue to use the website without accepting it, that will imply that you have accepted the cookies policy.

“Cookies” represent the small files for the automatic collection of data which a website sends to your computer, and that remain stored. It is a common phrase that they „improve the user experience“. Next time you visit a website by using the same device, such data shall return to the website (first party „cookie“) i.e. to the other site to which a „cookie“ belongs (third party „cookie“ ). They store your settings for the website, while enabling such website to offer you a content tailored to your needs. Persistent „cookies“ remain on your device for a longer period of time, whereas the temporary are erased once the browser is closed.

Have in mind that some „cookies“ are necessary for using the website and must be approved constantly in order to save the setting that you have chosen. Beside the necessary cookies, there are as well the functional and performance cookies. These two types also require your consent. Data stored in the cookies mainly relate to name, e-mail address or registration on the website. You can always change the cookies configuration in your browser settings. In case you block all the cookies, you might not be able to access all the content on the website.

Third party “cookies” are not the website „cookies“, but they can be found on our website. For now we are using the „cookies“ of Google Analytics and Facebook, which have their own Privacy Policies, with more information available on their websites:;

Your rights

You are entitled to request in any moment a deletion of information that we have stored related to application for the Human Driven Reshape project (right to be forgotten).

Privacy Policy content has been updated on March 1, 2022.
In case you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

Terms of use allows you to use the services and content of its website which is subject to the below mentioned Terms of use. Terms of use apply to all the contents and services of website. Using any part of the portal shall imply that the users are informed with these terms, as well as that they accept using the content of this portal solely for their personal use and on their responsibility.

Website has the copyrights on all the contents (textual, visual and audio materials, databases, source code). Unauthorised use of any part of the portal, without the permission of a copyright owner, shall be considered as breach of the website’s copyrights and is subject to a lawsuit.

The website reserves the right to modify, cancel (both temporary and permanently) any content or service on the portal without the obligation of prior announcement.

Links to the other web pages

The website is consisted of copyright content, partners and advertisers content, free content and links to the other web pages. Bear in mind that you are using all the content on on your own responsibility. The website shall not be responsible for any damage due to advertising on its portal.

Privacy protection

The website respects the privacy of its users and portal visitors. Data from the process of applying to the competition, as well other the data about the user, the website shall not make available for insight to the third parties. User data shall not be made available to a third party, except in case when such obligation is regulated by the Law and in case of a material breach of the website rules.

The following is strictly forbidden to the users of website:

sharing, sending and exchange of information for which the visitor knows or assumes that are false, and using thereof could do harm to the other users;
false representation, i.e. representation on behalf of another legal or natural person;
sharing, sending and exchange of content protected by the copyright;
sharing, sending and exchange of unwanted content to the users without their consent or request, or by means of deception;
deliberate sharing, sending and exchanging the content containing viruses or similar programmes created for the purpose of destroying or limiting the work of any computer software and/or hardware and telecommunication equipment;
collecting, storing and sharing the personal data of other portal visitors and users.
Modifications of terms of use

The website reserves the right to modify these terms of use in any moment. The website shall not be responsible for possible consequences arising from such modifications.

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